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What Now... During And After Covid19?

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

We all are aware of the fact that nothing is the same during Covid19 and many things may change from the way we once lived our lives. However, change need not be all that bad.

I believe we may opt to become just a little more creative going forward such as;

Smaller, more intimate gatherings for Proms, Weddings, and each of our social events.

Example; Where once we likely have graduation ceremonies, weddings, and other social events in the presence of many people. Going forward, we may opt to rent a restaurant for your special occasion or make our home the focal point of our events, safely.

During these uncharted times of unprecedented mortality related to the Covid19, unity, compassion and empathy are critical to getting us to drop the curve of death and sickness in these United States Of America and worldwide.

We cannot give up. We must have HOPE. that these painful days will not last forever. We should also be willing to lend a helping hand to others- whenever and wherever necessary. Let us do what we can.

During these times, should you see an item that appeals to you? While there may not be a planned event now. Think ahead. Think New Year's Eve! Who knows, you may not find that same item again. Also, be prepared for this new reality also begins with us placing orders online for the things we need.

Think ahead, go ahead, and plan that wedding or solidify plans to attend that wedding/social event. Go ahead and place that internet order!

Even though we may be attending smaller functions in much smaller venues for sometime to come. Take those pictures for future remembrances!

Yes, this could mean to go ahead and hire that photographer, hire the caterer. It is all up to you. Just remember to allow ourselves. Keep in mind, as long as whatever we do, we take care to make it safe to do so.

Be Safe, Blessings Always,

Mignon Manley

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