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Here’s Why You Should Attend Homecoming – And What to Wear

Homecoming is one of the school year’s biggest events and is a tradition in many high schools. It’s a warm way to welcome back students and kick off the year with some fun activities. It usually includes a week of special events such as a big celebratory football game, a dance, pep rallies and often other fun stuff such as a parade with your school’s marching band, a dress-up theme for the day and even crowning a Homecoming king or queen.

This a very memorable and fun-filled occasion, that is worth attending for many reasons. You can join in on the special events with your friends and make long-lasting memories. You can show off your talents, creativity – or your fashion sense.

One of the best parts of Homecoming is the organized dance. You can go with a date or a group of close friends. You get to dress up, dance the night away and relax before the school year properly kicks off.

If you’re in your final year of high school, it’s particularly important to enjoy this school event while you can. You may even be selected as Homecoming Queen as part of the Homecoming court!

Choosing a dress is one of the most fun parts of this special event – you get to express you and let loose before studying hard in the year to come. You may be wondering –

what kind of dress do you wear to Homecoming? What does a? There are many options and it also depends a little on your own school.

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